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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Videodrome(d): Time for you to laugh....or at least crack a smile...

It's always a good feeling to be confronted with a blast from the past. That said, not being a particular fan of 'Disco' in the late seventies, there again perhaps I was a latent fan without knowing it, but it was really good to see and hear this clip below, which I definately hadn't seen since it was around in 1978.
The clip is "Automaic Lover" by Dee D. Jackson, a 'one hit wonder' by all accounts.
In fact, the tune and video often seeped into my mind in the years between, but seeing it now makes me realise that it was as mind-boggling and fantastic then, as it is viewing it today-  Enjoy!

Thanks to the excellent Unmann-Wittering blog for putting this up, where I came across it.

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