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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's in the trees #2

Prompted by my mate who does the Spent Time Blog, who said it was high time I did another 'trees post', here is the second installment, showcasing some mighty fine trees. The first photo is the one he sent me to include in the post.
It's a very bizarre looking specimen that could be some sort of petrified Kraken or even Lovecraft's Cthulu incarnate(!). It's location is in Hawkstone Park golf course in Shropshire, England.

The second selection are from the grounds of the great Soughton Hall (Plas Sychdyn) in the village of Sychdyn, Flintshire, North Wales. The actual hall looks like something that could have been used either in an old Hammer Horror classic, or maybe an episode of Man In A Suitcase.

The last batch shows what was named 'The Ugly Tree' from sometime in my childhood. Far from ugly of course, it is located at Bryn Eithin, which is on the road up to Moel Fammau, which is on the road out of Mold towards Rhuthun in Flintshire, North Wales. There were a few spring lambs about and as you see in the last photo, some black and white ones which look like miniature frisian cows!


Debra said...

Cool trees! I think I recognize some of them, as well.

Tim Jones said...

Cheers Deb, glad you like the pics! x

Anonymous said...