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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lady Gaga - Is she still a puppet of sinister dark forces and the New World Order?

Baphomet's Girl

Whilst sorting out and clearing out a few bookmarks as you do, I came across an article from a while back that I'd saved from the Vigilant Citizen site. It concerns that marvellous and talented young gun, Lady Gaga. Now even if you think said article is maybe going off on quite a wild tangent, regarding the occult connections between our world famous shining star and the dark forces of our sinister world rulers, it still makes for amusing reading to say the least. 
Plus, reading the comments after the article reveals quite a few people whose heads have been popped by the article. But, nothing throws all the conspiracy ranting out of the window, like the fervour and devotion of the Lady Gaga fan which is distilled by the likes of 'Isabella', the last to comment.


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