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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Videodrome(d): 'Let's do a film for the record'

It's the late 1970s, well 1977 to be exact, later some would refer to that year with that cringeful term- 'year zero'- hmmm....okay, anyway on the disco front there were lots of tacky yet strange things going down.
Not least the promotional films to accompany chart songs, soon to be termed 'video' i.e. "have you seen the video?"
Which brings me to "Supernature" by Cerrone.
Having watched the 'vid' after not seeing it since it was in the charts (same goes for "Automatic Lover"), I am wondering whether or not they were serious and not realising it would look tacky in years to come i.e. 'let's make this look really weird and strange' with a budget that would suit a late 70s episode of Doctor Who, or whether they were being 'tongue in cheek'; Either way, it's certainly got it's charm and viewing it now it becomes a mixture of tacky and strange and certainly a 'period piece'. Enjoy!

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